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Seriously? Seriously? Monday morning rant

I'm going off about serials again, so fair warning.


I hate serials for too many reasons to list but managed to get myself attached to a couple before I figured out what money-sucks they (and by extension, most of their authors) were. One of them is Ward's unending Ferro Family trainwreck. I managed to quit far enough before the 14th book that I don't feel like a complete hypocrite but I can't help looking up the prices of each new book as it comes out, just for the lulz.


Today, I saw the price for the paperback edition of the next one which is supposed to be a standalone. 








I had to break out my mad Paint draw skillz (non-existent because they hate lefties) to add a WTF face for that one. Is that because she's self-publishing it and it's a POD price? Can anyone tell me how this could be a good idea? 


Related rant:


I still get a little grouchy every time I see one of the ongoing episodes of Meljean Brooks' Kraken King serial get released. I want to ask her how she could poop on her readers by ripping us off with $16 and two months worth of serials for what'll amount to a probable single $7 book in August when The Kraken King (Iron Seas #4) is released. This is an author I love but I don't love her enough to pay $1.99 for less than 100 pages each time.


I do not love any author who's trying to sell me serial installments for $2.99 or more unless they are glorious and I can think of only three authors whom I'd even take a chance on. Hint: they've all been trad pubbed and I own everything they've written. I saw someone (self-published) giving advice recently that serials should be sold at this price after the first book or two. Professional editing, proofing, etc., weren't even a part of the process because of course, that would cut into the bottom line and it's all about the money. Who cares about quality, amiright?