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Review: Catching Cameron

Catching Cameron: A Love and Football Novel - Julie Brannagh

Julie continues to shine with her third book, Catching Cameron. I love how her main couple are down to Earth, very likeable people. I am now officially addicted to anything Julie writes and Catching Cameron is a wonderful contemporary romance.


Cameron is a female sportscaster who comes from a very rich family. But Cameron isn't spoiled and she worked hard to be independent and free of her parents, especially her father who wants to control her, even though Cameron is a woman in her 30's. She has a  big dislike for football star, Zack (he plays for the Sharks), who takes care of his grandma, four younger sisters and a golden retriever puppy named Butter. Zack grew up poor, but made sure his sister's never had to worry about a roof over their heads or starving. Zack and Cameron have a past. They met in Las Vegas ten years ago and got married. Three days later the marriage was annulled. She found out Zack walked out on her after her father offered him $5 million dollars to leave Cameron, which Cameron believes he did. Now years later, they meet face to face during a television interview where she rips into him (the media believes he's quite the ladies man). Because of the interview, Cameron's ratings skyrocket and she is given the opportunity to stay with the Sharks for 6 weeks as the practice for the upcoming season. She's not thrilled by the opportunity, even more so when by accident everyone finds out about her and Zack's former marriage. Zack on the other hand wants to make amends and see if they can work things out because he still loves Cameron.


Zack tries to catch Cameron, meaning recapture her heart. Things are not what they seem regarding the end of their marriage. At first it seems there is a big miscommunication between these two, but Julie nips that in the bud soon enough. Zack is a sweetheart, and Cameron is a feisty heroine who stands up for herself. Watching these two reconnect is wonderful. Also the one love scene is steamier then the last two books, which establishes how much Zack and Cameron love one another.


I really enjoy the spotlight on Cameron's job and how she navigates the world of sports entertainment as a women who deserves to be taken seriously and treated like the journalist that she is.


Catching Cameron gets a big cheer, pom twirling rah-rah hurrah from me. This one is another winner!