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Authors who use unscrupulous ways to get ahead, take notice



Examples: "A day or so ago, I received a cover reveal request for an author who had publicly proclaimed not even two weeks earlier she was quitting publishing due to extreme bullying. She had explained in her post that in her post that she was near starvation due to low sales and suicidal due to the terrible things bloggers and other authors have said about her books. The author enjoyed above 4-star review averages on goodreads and Amazon, and her books were ranked below 10,000 (which is a hell of a lot better than most authors).


As a result of her post, many bloggers and authors posted about her on Facebook and encouraged others to buy her books. Her book sales spiked, until she was close to the Kindle top 100 and was actually #1 in a few browse categories. And now, not two weeks later, she’s out seeking promotion for her books. When I inquired about her intent to quit, I was informed by her two-person personal assistant team that sales were separate from writing, whatever that means."


"Just a day before that, I saw an international bestselling author, top in her genre, announce that a famous actor was being featured in her cover reveal. Based on her twitter stream, it was apparent that her readers thought that he was personally involved somehow, yet going to the page where this occurred showed him in a gif which was taken from a recent movie."


Source: http://dearauthor.com/features/letters-of-opinion/harrystyles-1d-divergent-gameofthrones-nothing-post