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Review: Star Attraction

Star Attraction - Vanessa Stubbs

This book is a hot mess. What I thought would be a "meet cute" between a journalist/reporter and a hot Hollywood actor was boggled down by info dumping and unsympathetic personalities given to our main couple.

This book needs a heavy dose of content editing. The first 1/4 of the novel is jibberish and doesn't add anything to the plot whatsoever. We're given an introduction to the journalist and the actor, but it's so boring and uninteresting. This could have been cut out or condensed and start this story during the interview, but no, it's full of information that doesn't grab hold of the reader at all, and will cause more than a few readers to DNF.

I stuck with it to see how the interaction between the main couple would go. These two are sad sacks. They moan and groan how horrible their lives are. Their dialogue is stilted and there is next to no chemistry between these two. The story really doesn't go any where and by the time things wrap up, you may want to throw this book against the wall.

Totally unforgettable and in need of a big overhaul.