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Review: Imperfect Chemistry

Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect Series) (Volume 1) - Mary Frame

Imperfect Chemistry by Mary Frame is a very different type of romance, and I guess it can be coined New Adult since the characters are in college and under the age of twenty-one. Opposites attraction perfectly here, and the main couple are very sweet together once they become friends. Also Jensen, the heroine’s love interest is a virgin! Love that! Also there’s no over the top angst or an emo wankfest from either one of these characters that has become very annoying in college set romances or in some New Adult reads.


The heroine Lucy, has no social skills and takes everything in the literal sense (think of Sheldon from CBS’s mega hit show, Big Bang Theory). She’s a genius who is very analytical and clinical. Her one hobby is archery. She speaks what’s on her mind and is very honest. She is a bit of enigma because she comes from a very big, loving family while she’s the odd duck of the bunch, although she has a close relationship with her brothers.


She first rubs Jensen the wrong way because he doesn’t know what to think of her. Jensen lives across from her and keeps his distance. But Lucy decides he’ll be the one to show her the correct way to interact in social settings, and with people. Jensen is not sure what to make of Lucy, but she quickly becomes a part of his life. She’s very direct in what she wants from him, and from there they establish an interesting relationship that becomes much more. Lucy and Jensen click so well together, and their friendship evolves into a love affair that is very sweet and engaging. The physical side of their relationship is steamy and hits the mark in all the right places. Jensen and Lucy’s attraction toward one another is very believable, even when a big road block occurs that might ruin all they have created together. This upheaval makes their HEA all the more sweeter.


Imperfect Chemistry is a perfectly adorable read with an adorable couple in college setting. A solid romance. I look forward to more from Mary Frame.