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Review: The Lucky Charm

The Lucky Charm (The Portland Pioneers) - Beth Bolden

The Lucky Charm (Portland Pioneers #1) by new to me, self-published author, Beth Bolden is one swell sport romance. Fans of Rachel Gibson or Jill Shalvis will have a ball reading this book. The heroine Izzy is one you want to hug. She is so adorable, sweet and hard working. She lives and breathes her work as an assistant to a producer at a sports network on a smaller scale like ESPN. When her loving boss has a heart attack, she’s forced to become an on-air sideline reporter for the Portland Pioneers, a baseball team that’s expected to have a bad year.


Izzy doesn’t want to be in front of the camera at all, but has no choice, or she’ll be unemployed. Toby, the new boss she’s forced to work with is incredibly insulting and cruel to Izzy, so much so that he should be brought up on harassment charges and fired. She would have a great lawsuit against him. He calls Izzy ugly, stupid, among a list of other things because he wants her to leave. Toby comes across as a very one-dimensional villain that will make the reader steam because of his treatment toward Izzy. This is the one downside to this story.


But then there’s Jack, the star of the Pioneers and a total prince of a man. He is so smitten with Izzy, and even though she blocks his attempts at romance, he’s willing to be friends with her. They can’t be together out in the open because of their jobs, but their secret interactions (many pizza dates in their respective hotel rooms) are adorable. Jack basically ends up courting Izzy.


Jack has such a deep respect for Izzy and he acts like a gentleman the entire time although he lusts for her badly. He gives her the confidence she needs to do her job (Izzy hates baseball and knows nothing about it). Izzy learns to stand up for herself with the help of Jack and some of his team mates who have grown to love Izzy like Jack has.

The Lucky Charm is a great read for teens and adult. I would say the sensuality level is in the PG-13 range. There’s one love scene between Jack and Izzy that isn’t too descriptive or over the top. Watching these two fall in love is very satisfying, and the ending is full of win.


A must read for any contemporary romance fan!