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Review: Nowhere but Here

Nowhere But Here: A Novel - Renée Carlino

This was an enjoyable contemporary romance about an intelligent, mature heroine who meets the man of her dreams (a true Prince Charming). Plus the setting is in wine country and there are many mentions of wine and drinking of wine. I wish more books have a setting at a winery, because I find it very romantic.

Kate is a reporter who has lost her mojo. Her boss sends her to interview the reclusive, lives under the radar, millionaire techie turned winery owner, R.J. Kate isn't thrilled about interviewing this mysterious man because she thinks it's a fluff piece. Also everything goes wrong on her travels, such as she has to drive, which she doesn't do, and she ends up lost. When she finds her way, she gets in a car accident. Kate rear ends, Jamie, the winery vineyard head handyman. Jamie is quite the flirt and puts on the major charm for Kate. She acts disinterested because she's not there to have a flirtation. The she meets R.J., who is a Grade A class jerk. But Jamie is more than willing to show her around and give her all the information she needs for her article. Soon Kate falls for Jamie's charms. But she knows nothing can come of their romance because she's from Chicago and her entire life is there. But Jamie has so much to offer her. She just has to decide if she's will to take a big chance with this man who sees so much beauty in life, and in Kate.

Nowhere but Here is a feel good romance with a too good to be true hero with Jamie. There is a bit of a mystery here Kate must figure out. The reader will put two and two together pretty quickly, but it doesn't take away from the quaint tone of the story. Jamie and Kate connect right from the start, and their love affair is fast, which for some readers might be unbelievable. If you can suspend your disbelief, you'll enjoy Nowhere but Here.

The ending goes on for too long and the final chapters could have been condensed, especially after a last minute insertion of some drama that seems out of left field and really doesn't bring anything important to the story as a whole. But the HEA is nice and exactly what I like in my romances.

Jamie and Kate are sweet and sultry together(think of a fine wine). Readers who enjoy contemporary romance with some nice flavor, should check out Nowhere but Here.