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Review: Terran

Terran (Breeder) - Cara Bristol

Terran is straight up guilty pleasure reading. If you like Sci-Fi romance with a dominate alien male (who looks like a dream come true in looks) and a spunky heroine, including the kidnapped trope where the heroine falls in love with her hot alien captor, than Terran is for you.

Cara had really good world building here, and you come to accept why Marlix, the hot alpha alien wants the Earthling heroine Tara (she has pink hair), who does put up a fight at first but then falls for Marlix because he's very protective of her. Marlix has a very different belief regarding how females are handled, as well as sexual relations. Tara ends up teaching Marlix about foreplay and all that fun stuff that leads to hot sex. Marlix is as close to a virgin male as you can get because of how his people treat sex. Marlix may come across as a dominate male with a heavy hand, but he is a big old pussy cat around Tara who he wants to claim as his own.

There is a bit of drama and suspense, which gives some more flavor to Terran other than some cheesy erotic Sci-Fi boinkfest.

An enjoyable read overall.