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Review: Shield of Winter

Shield of Winter - Nalini Singh

Shield of Winter is another worthy addition to the Psy-Changeling world. We're moving toward a conclusion, and this involves the Psy community more than the Changeling community. Here we see the Arrows, the Psy deadly assassins and how they are committed to taking down the Silence and their leader, Kaleb who through the power of love and his soul mate, Sahara, they can create a better place not only for themselves, but for the world. Unfortunately lives will be lost, and here it's very bloody and gruesome, as well as heartbreaking.

Nalini's worldbuilding skills are tested here, and she delivers. Vasic, one of the most popular Arrows the readers have been dying for, is in the spotlight. He is sent to protect an E-Psy, Ivy, who acts more like a human than a Psy thanks to her parents who basically defected from the Psy community. Ivy wears her feelings on her sleeve, and she has a great support with her adorable dog, Rabbit who ended up saving her when she thought all hope was lost. When Vasic enters her life, she's in for a world of adventure, danger and an incredible passion that can't be denied.

Vasic is one of the coldest and standoffish heroes I've encountered here (even more so than Kaleb). It takes him some time to get used to Ivy and his feelings for her, both emotional and psychical. Ivy breaks down his defensive fairly quickly. These two bond fast and fall in love faster, which is one downside here. Whereas the bond and love between the past couples felt more developed and "real", Vasic and Ivy's connect was just too sudden for my taste. But I will say they do stay in character, especially Vasic when he wants to be intimate with Ivy. He's very much a giver, not a taker. The sex shared between them isn't important, and may disappoint some readers (after the amazing passion Kaleb and Sahara have for one another in the last book, which continues here). There isn't a real buildup of foreplay, although there is a great deal of kissing and touching. Also Vasic asking Judd, the former Arrow who breaks furniture while intimate with is mate is adorable and brings forth the smiles.

Even though I found Vasic and Ivy's love affair rushed (it felt more along the lines of insta-love), the reason to read Shield of Winter is for the action and step by step process that continues the series. I was hooked and wanted more, especially more scenes with Kaleb and Sahara. Kaleb's love for Sahara is beyond beautiful and everything wonderful about this series that Nalini has created.

If you are a die hard fan of this series, you must read this one.