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Review: The House on Blackberry Hill

House on Blackberry Hill - Donna Alward

Donna Alward has the start of something good with The House on Blackberry Hill. This is a small town romance/women’s fiction that hits the sweet spot. The writing is excellent and the setting and characters very welcoming. The heroine Abby has been given a new start in life. She is pretty much a loner with only had her grandmother to rely on. Now with her grandmother dead, she’s on her own, but finds out she’s an heiress and property owner to a huge house in Jewell Cove. She was left this house, and a vast fortune, from her grandmother’s sister she never knew about. The question is, does she stay in Jewell Cove or sell the house and move on?


Tom is a contractor who has roots in Jewell Cove. He was born and raised there, surrounded by a loving family. He’s mourning the loss of Erin, his cousin Josh’s wife, who died during her last tour abroad. Tom has loved Erin since the moment he met her but she left him for Josh, who could provide her more. Tom and Josh are now enemies because of Erin who tore them apart. Josh is moving back to the Cove, and Tom has to learn to deal with his cousin who was once his best friend. When he hears the Foster estate has a new owner, he’s willing able to work on the house. When he meets Abby, sparks fly between them. He wants more than just a professional relationship between them.


Abby has trust issues with Tom, although he is handsome, smart, hardworking, etc… Soon she’s falling for him, but he holds a part of himself back because of Erin. But Abby does also. Plus there is the mystery of her great grandmother and how she died. Abby sees her ghost and has strange dreams that could solve her great grandmother’s possible murder, which tore the Foster family apart. Tom is sympathetic and wants Abby to stay and work on a relationship with him even though they both have things to confront separately before they can move on.


The House on Blackberry Hill has great storytelling with characters you can connect with deeply. The sensuality factor is subtle. Tom and Abby kiss and touch, but anything more is fade to black, which is perfect for readers who enjoy reading a romance that’s more on the sweeter side. The mystery factor is engaging and the ending will keep you hooked and anxious for the next book, but it’s not too much of a cliffhanger that will annoy readers. The main story has a resolution.


I look forward to more from Donna. The House on Blackberry Hill is a winner!