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Review: Vixen in Velvet

Vixen in Velvet - Loretta Chase

Loretta Chase writes some of the best smitten heroes in romance. A "smitten" hero is a man who falls head first in love with the heroine because she is everything wonderful and amazing. So is this case with Vixen in Velvet. The "vixen" is Leonie, a seamstress, and the last unmarried sister (both her sisters married very well, and to titled gentlemen). Leonie lives and breathes fashion and creating beautiful dresses.

One day she is at an art museum and is in awe of a painting, owned by Simon Blair, Marquess of Lisburne. She bumps into Lisburne literally, and from that they start a friendship of sorts. Lisburne is very attracted to Leonie and thinks they can have fun together, since they're both single. But Leonie is too involved in making beautiful dresses for the ladies of the Ton, specifically Lisburne's cousin who dresses poorly. She makes a bet with Lisburne that she can make his dowdy cousin a gem of the Ton, and some offers for her hand in marriage. If Leonie wins, she gets Lisburne's painting. If she loses, she must spent 2 weeks with Lisburne, in anyway he wants, which means in his bed.

Lisburne pulls out all the stops to seduce Leonie, who finds him charming, but is too busy for his seduction. But Leonie likes his attention, far more than she is willing to admit. Will she allow Lisburne to sweep her off her feet so to speak? Lisburne will try his hardest to make it happen.

Vixen in Velvet is a charming tale, much like Lisburne is. I fell for Lisburne the moment he met Leonie. He respects her as a hard working woman and thinks she has so much to offer the world. He wishes he was the center of her universe, but Leonie has other responsibilities to take care of before she can even think of having an affair with this lovely man. Watching these to fall for one another was darling. They communicate every well with one another. No miscommunication tropes here for this couple!

Loretta Chase has another winner on her hands with Vixen in Velvet. The sexual tension between Lisburne and Leonie crackles, and their love scenes have the right amount of sexuality for those who like heat in their historical romances.

This is one historical romance with witty dialogue and engaging characters that shouldn't be passed by.