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Review: Apart at the Seams

Apart At The Seams - Melissa  Ford

Apart at the Seams is more along the line of Women's Fiction, with a touch of romance. Unfortunately this book is pretty dull, and the characters, specifically the heroine, and her live-in immature boyfriend are very one-dimensional. Not even the possibility of a new love interest for the heroine, Arianna can spruce up the plot or save it. Half way through, the story became very boring and Arianna's non-stop complaints about her life was tiresome. Ethan comes and goes without any real purpose other than to annoy Arianna. I don't understand how they are together and why, which is never fully explained. Maybe if we had a flashback or two on their friendship and then courtship, this would have improved the plot a great deal. But it's never shown, just a mention here and there.

Arianna acts like a spoiled child most of the time. I expect her to fall to the floor and have a tantrum. She really doesn't have any redeeming qualities, even when we're told, more than show, her relationship with Beckett, her toddler son, who seems to have no purpose, other than the author wanting to make Arianna a mother. Her interactions with her son feel fake. Because Arianna acts so selfish, and has this "oh woes me" belief, I have a hard time understanding why she would want a child in the first place. Again, it's never fully explained why she would have Beckett through a medical procedure and not the old fashioned way(with an ex-lover perhaps). This scenario felt very off and perplexing with the overall tone of the book, which at times tries to be more Chick-Lit, but the humor is very flat and insipid.

Apart at the Seams is a book that falls apart and never gets on track. The dialogue and plot is very mundane. This is the type of book you forget as soon as you finish reading.

A pass.