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Review: Jane's Melody

Jane's Melody - Ryan Winfield

Ryan Winfield has a beautiful way with words. He’s an amazing storyteller. Any romance fan must read Jane’s Melody. I was blown away by the deep, and very real emotional heartbreak of Jane, a forty-year old single mother who loses her only child to drug addiction. Melody isn’t even twenty when she OD’s, and her mother Jane (Jane had Melody in college, and the father ran out on Jane) must pick up the pieces, which she had been doing because Melody has been a drug addict for years. Jane feels so lost and alone. Her entire family is full of addicts, mainly alcohol, except for Jane, who blames herself for her daughter’s death.


While Jane is at the cemetery, viewing Melody’s grave in the rain, a young man stops and leaves a coin on the gravestone. Jane is curious about this man, and if he was Melody’s friend or a lover. Jane finds the man, who is a street singer. He won’t tell Jane anything about Melody. Jane doesn’t give up, and after she finds the street singer, Caleb, beat up, she takes him home. She has no designs on him because he’s twenty-four, and she believes Caleb and Melody were involved. Caleb will work for his room and board by fixing Jane’s backyard and make it into a garden. As Caleb clears away the weeds and muck, he helps Jane forgive herself and finally get over the guilt of her daughter’s death. These two start to bond, and Jane finds out that Caleb was more of a stranger to Melody than a friend. Jane is attracted to Caleb and puts caution to the wind, settling into an affair with Caleb, who has fallen in love with Jane.


Talk about a humdinger of a love affair. These two connect so well, regardless of their age difference. Caleb is an old soul who understands Jane’s pain. He helps Jane move on and embrace life, which she does slowly. But Caleb may have something incredible on the horizon with his music. Jane then has to decide if she can give up Caleb so he can make his dreams a reality.


Poignant, heartbreaking and beautiful are only a few words to describe Jane’s Melody. This is the type of book you lose yourself in and don’t want it to end. Caleb seems a little too good to be true, but he’s well-rounded and very dimensional; you can’t help but fall for him like Jane does. Jane’s pain will make you hurt alongside her. She has a great personality and is portrayed as a kind and generous human being. She and Caleb are perfect together. There’s also some moments of humor when Caleb finds a discarded goat who becomes his work buddy of sorts as he clears away Jane’s backyard.

There are some moments toward the end that will make you weepy, especially with Jane’s best friend Grace who suffering silently in her own ways, and that of Caleb, who Jane will never forget. The ending is very sweet and seems finished, but Ryan is publishing a sequel, Jane’s Harmony (August 2014) featuring more of Jane and Caleb, which I can’t wait to read.


Jane’s Melody is tearjerker, but one full of hope that leads to joy, happiness and teaches that you must live each day as if it’s your last. This is a winner!