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Review: His Reverie

His Reverie - Monica  Murphy

Monica Murphy does have a way of grabbing readers into her stories with characters you end up rooting for. His Reverie is a more mature Young Adult, with more adult language (cursing and some sexy talk) and descriptive make out and foreplay scenes, but no sex. Nick and Reverie are total opposites, and it looks like a HEA isn’t in the cards for them, but they click so well together that you hope things work for them in the end (which, it probably will, but first they have to go through a lot of heartache to be together). His Reverie did grab me from the start, but I had some issues, specifically with the one-dimensionality of the secondary characters, specifically Reverie’s drunk, witchy mother, and Nick’s shrill ex-girlfriend/booty call. But I adored Nick. Monica writes some amazing heroes. He’s the type of hero I want in all the books I read, especially in romantic fiction.


Monica does takes some chances here, giving His Reverie a unique type of spin. Nick is an ex-con. He was framed for a crime he didn’t commit and he wants to turn his life around for the better, especially after his loving and supportive mother dies of cancer. You hurt for Nick because he is truly all alone in the world, and he can turn to a life of crime to survive, but he doesn’t want to. He wants to make money the legal way and thinks he has found a way working for a rich television evangelist doing yard work. That’s where he meets the sixteen, soon to be seventeen-year old Reverie.


Reverie is attracted to Nick right from the start. She is very sheltered, but outspoken. She has her head in the clouds when it comes to falling in love, much like a fairy tale where Prince Charming saves the princess from the evil King and Queen of the land. She and Nick click well together, and soon they’re seeing each other in secret. They steal time together when they can, knowing they don’t have a future together. They shouldn’t be together, but they can’t help themselves (think of Romeo and Juliet). Reverie makes Nick feel clean. She doesn’t judge him. Nick makes Reverie feels like a woman and not some perfect smiling doll on display to make her parents happy.


Nick and Reverie’s love is bittersweet. Nick treats Reverie with great respect, especially when they are intimate. Nick holds on to Reverie for as long as he can because he knows he’ll have to let her go eventually. The whole world is against him, especially his bitter ex-girlfriend, Krista who is obsessed with getting Nick back. She uses threats and blackmail to destroy him and Reverie’s happiness.


Just when you think the story is going one way, something happens out of left field that is completely unexpected. It’s one zinger of a cliffhanger that will have you anxious for the next book.


His Reverie was enjoyable, but it didn’t WOW me as I had hoped. Nick and Reverie make a great couple, and I do want to see if they can stay together and reach a HEA, but I’m not as invested emotionally as I should be.


Because of that I give His Reverie a B- (not quite a solid B grade because of my annoyance with how the secondary characters are portrayed). But I am invested with Nick and Reverie and want to see this couple ride off in the sunset together.