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Review: On Writing

On Writing - Stephen King

I'm so glad I finally read On Writing by my idol, Stephen King. I wish this book was longer because it was entertaining, plus very educational. The first quarter is autobiographical about Stephen's childhood and how he found his love of reading and writing, including how he met his wife Tabitha and some insight on his marriage, family and alcohol and drug addiction. The rest is educational, more like conversational as if he Stephen was teaching a writing class. He talks about some of his most popular books, such as Carrie (why the color red and blood became a running theme in the book), The Stand (took him 16 months to write, and how he doesn't understand why it's one of his most popular books), Misery (how he got the idea for the character Annie), and Cujo (he doesn't remember writing Cujo!).

Much of what Stephen discusses is pretty much the standard writers should follow, such as:

Don't use passive voice, always active voice.
Stay away from adverbs ("ly" words are evil). "The road to hell is paved with adverbs."
Good dialogue is important.
Write what you know. Read as much as you can.
Have a beta reader who is your "ideal reader".
Keep submitting regardless of any rejections you may get.
A good agent looks out for the best interests of their client- the writer.

Stephen give his honest opinion on authors who have hit it big and why some of their books don't work for him. He has great insight on writing and creating fiction.

I would recommend On Writing for both aspiring and published authors at all levels.