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Review: Alex

Alex - Sawyer Bennett

Sawyer Bennett has an engaging writing style but it ends there with her characters who grated on my nerves. I found myself unsympathetic toward Alex, the hero who is a massive jerk throughout the novel even when he falls for Sutton, the Mary Sue type heroine. I just didn't believe their connection or chemistry, including their HEA that comes across as very unrealistic (all the drama and angst throughout is solved in a fast minute and ties in a perfect little bow).

The portrayal of Alex and his hockey buddies are pathetic. All they care about is screwing around with no respect for their wives or the women they choose to be with them for the night. The women aren't much better, especially those who try to capture Alex, especially the bootie call pseduo-skank who doesn't mind if he treats her like crap and just uses her for sex. Alex deserves a smack across the face for everything he is from his personality to his demeanor and over all craptastic attitude just because his father is an alcoholic and was abusive to Alex for all his life, forcing Alex to play hockey and becoming a big named hockey start with money and fame he hates having. His coach things needs a major attitude adjustment for some reason, even though he's an amazing player, but not friendly with his team mates or the fans. He forces Alex to do community service, which leads him to Sutton, the heroine extraordinaire who is almost perfect in every sense of the word.

Sutton is so amazing that at twenty-two she has her Masters in Social Work and is basically running a facility that caters to at-risk youths. Sutton's father is a drug addict who caused her mother and Sutton a lot of pain, but when Sutton's mom remarries to a Prince Charming of a man, her life turns around for the better. Sutton always looks for the best in every situation. She and Alex have a rough first meeting because he acts cocky and egotistical just because he thinks she some hot mindless babe. But she refuses to be a push over. Alex comes to respect that in her, and soon they're bonding and hanging out, until their passions collide for one another and they engage in a passionate love affair with no promises of the future between them.

Unfortunately Sawyer didn't create a believable scenario for Alex and Sutton to become a couple. There is no real reason why Alex would be turned on by Sutton, and she for him. Alex at first is only attracted to Sutton because of her looks. But then that changes because she has that something special. As to what that something special is, I couldn't figure it out what. Alex waxes on about how incredible Sutton is, but I felt it was false, as if he was trying to find a valid reason why he should trust her and fall in love with her. I also couldn't understand why Sutton was attracted to Alex. She comes across as a martyr, the one woman who can heal Alex and not expect anything in return (well, payment in too many orgasms to count is enough for her). He seems so fake and false, as if he was playing a role. Also the sudden appearance of Sutton's ex-boyfriend who broke her heart comes out of nowhere, as if added on to create more drama for the sake of drama.

The sex scenes are plentiful and descriptive but again it was more of a physical release for the couple, rather than an emotional connection. I felt like Alex and Sutton were reaching for something that wasn't there. Again, I felt like everything was bogus and didn't live up to what I had hoped would be a great romance. Also because I felt the HEA for Alex and Sutton lacking (I just didn't believe they would be together forever) and the "let's make everything nice and pat" at the end eye rolling because it just wasn't authentic.

In all, a forgettable story with a couple who are better off just being friends and finding love with other people.