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Review: The Reality of You

The Reality of You - Jean Haus

The Reality of You by Jean Haus is an adorable romantic comedy that has a few implausibility’s with a predictable ending, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

The heroine, Naomi is put off by love since she's been burned in the past. She doesn't like to make any waves or expect excitement. She once was a great soccer player, who had a good chance of playing the Olympics, but her dreams were shattered because of a horrible accident. She goes through the motions of life. Her only bright spot is each day at lunch she sits in the lobby of her building and watches the rich and sexy businessman Reese, who she has an almost unhealthy obsession with. Her roommate Kara is concerned for Naomi and her lust for this untouchable stranger. But Kara throw Naomi a bone. She works for a temp agency, and Reese needs an assistant/secretary to travel with him down a resort he owns in Puerto Rico. Kara thinks this will help Naomi get over Reese, as well as liven up her life. Naomi accepts.

Naomi soon finds out that Reese is an egotistical snob who’s cold and too bossy. He treats her with cold disdain and insults her because she isn't as athletic as he is, and thinks she’s very clumsy. Naomi is still very nervous around Reese but she is no longer star struck over him. Toward the end of the week Reese ends up catching Naomi relaxing whenever she can get out of her room and out from under all the work he has given her. She feels she has nothing to lose and tells him off. Reese finds her honesty refreshing and realizes how much of a slave driver he has been. They make peace together and then things change for the better. Reese ends up kissing Naomi before they leave, which turns Naomi’s emotions upside down.

When Naomi returns to her life back in the states, Reese goes out of his way to keep in contact with her. He doesn't want her to work for him, but wants to date her. Naomi feels like she is backed into a corner because of the lies she told Reese about being a temp and how she first got the job working for him. She thinks she'll have a quick fling with Reese since they have no future together because she’s nowhere like the classy and beautiful women he has dated in the past. But Naomi is in for even more surprises because Reese wants to date her permanently. She now has to decide if she should reveal everything even though Reese may end up hating her for her deceit.

The Reality of You is a slapstick rom-com with a loopy type of heroine who finds herself out of her depth when it comes to the seemingly straight laced, proper speaking millionaire Reese. Naomi comes to find out that Reese isn't what he seems. There are some twists regarding this man who can't get enough of Naomi, so much so that the second half of the book is heavy on the sex, rather than the plot. Reese also lets his walls down around Naomi and his stiff upper lip disappears in a way that made me double a double take. I guess it can pass since Reese is so comfortable about Naomi, but at times I felt he was two totally different people.

The ending is simply not realistic. I did another double take when it's revealed how much Reese really knew about Naomi's plan with the help of Kara. Also I really didn't feel Naomi lying to Reese about her employment was something as stressful as she made it out to be. So what she temped during the week of her vacation from her normal job? Also Naomi constantly puts herself down, from her clothes to her hobbies because she didn't feel she was up to snuff for Reese. That grated on my nerves a little. But I did feel the chemistry between Reese and Naomi was well written, and Reese really turned into a sweetheart of a man.

The Reality of You was a fun read with many moments of humor and some laughs. This reminds me of the Chick-Lit novels that popped up after Bridge Jones's Diary because a smash hit. If you like wacky romances with some steamy love scenes with a scrumptious hero, then I would recommend you give The Reality of You a try.

**the book cover is poor selection for the tone of this book. It doesn't match the story or the main couple at all**