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Review: Six of Hearts

Six of Hearts - L.H. Cosway

L.H. Cosway continues to astound me with every book she writes. Six of Hearts is her best book to date. There is so much "swoonage" in these pages that romance readers will want to hold this book close and not let go. L.H. writes the most original type of stories with very unique characters (unlike any author I'm currently reading). Her heroes are the ultimate Prince Charming's with unlikely careers, and the heroines seem fragile and innocent with slight self-esteem issues, but aren't weak minded or TSTL. Six of Hearts hits it out of the park, and is now one of my favorite reads for 2014.

Jay Fields is an amazing hero. He had a horrible childhood because of an abusive father, and then after his house burned down with his mother and brother inside, his uncle from America takes him in, but also treats him horribly. Jay becomes a runaway, and by pick pocketing, builds up his skill as an illusionist, so much so he becomes famous and rich. He travels back to Dublin for a very specific reason. It appears he wants to sue a tabloid paper that wrote a libelous article about him. He needs a lawyer, and that's when he walks into Matilda's life. She works with her father in his law office. Matilda lost her mother in a home invasion when she was a girl, and was left with scarring on her face and neck because she was thrown into a mirror. She has built a pretty nice, yet bland life for herself. She still lives with her father, who she adores and sews and creates dresses she sells on Etsy. She's looking for love and turns to on-line dating but hasn't had much success there.

Matilda is star stuck by Jay because he seems so perfect. He's handsome, personable and treats her with incredible respect, while he flirts and stares at her like she's a tasty treat he wants to devour. He ends up staying at her house in a spare room until he can find something permanent even though Matilda's father turns down the case. Jay brings fun and excitement into her world in a way she would have never imagined. He says he wants to be friends, but the way he treats her makes her think otherwise.

Things comes to a head fairly quickly between these two. Jay adores Matilda and needs her in his life. She's very special to him, which the reader figures out within their first meeting why Jay holds her dear. Jay is a breath for fresh air for Matilda, but he holds her at a distance. She can't understand why. But then his real reason for returning to Dublin is revealed and it changes everything Matilda thought she knew about Jay, and even herself.

Six of Hearts is absolutely engaging. Jay is a delight as he spends his time practicing his tricks, while wooing Matilda. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. Jay is very much a giver where Matilda is concerned. There is one such scene between them that is so hot and naughty. L.H. can sure write some passionate love scenes (even those that don't have sex in them).

There are a few twists and turns I didn't see coming regarding Jay's need for revenge. That was a nice element that kept me hooked. I also loved the secondary cast of characters, especially two female friends of Jay and Matilda who have a nice romance together.

I can't deny I'm a total L.H. Cosway fan girl. Six of Hearts cements my belief that L.H. is at the top of her game and is the next big thing in Contemporary Romance. If there is one book you read this year, make sure it’s Six of Hearts.