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Review: Jane's Harmony

Jane's Harmony (Jane's Melody, #2) - Ryan Winfield

If you enjoyed Jane’s Melody, you’ll feel the same for Jane’s Harmony by Ryan Winfield. This book brings forth all the feels as Caleb and Jane are now an official couple who are so perfect together regardless of their fifteen-year age difference and how they approach life. Ryan’s writing grabs you and doesn’t let you go. I’m seriously in awe of his storytelling skills and how dimensional Caleb and Jane are. This is also one heck of an amazing romance.


Jane’s Harmony begins right after Jane’s Melody ends. Jane is trying to adjust since she decided to leave her old life behind to be with Caleb. They live in a cramped apartment and there’s an issue with money. Jane needs a job, and wants Caleb to get noticed for his song writing and singing. She thinks she’s found a way to do that, and sends in a tape of Caleb singing to an American Idol type reality show. Caleb gets the call and soon he’s off the Los Angeles to try to win a record deal and the prize money. Jane is thrilled for Caleb, but Caleb not so. He feels like he’s selling out, but wants to make Jane happy.

Jane and Caleb are separated for a few weeks while Caleb is filming, but she finds a job as a meter maid, makes friends with her older neighbor who has a dog (Jane save the dog from an attack) and still trying to get over her guilt with Jane’s death. She questions if Caleb and her can have a future together, even though Jane is the one and only for Caleb. Life intervenes for Jane in ways she would have never expected- her mother falls ill and Jane receives what might be the biggest shock of her life, which might ruin Caleb’s chances at stardom.


Jane’s Harmony hit so many high notes for me. This is a great read for contemporary romance fans, as well as women’s fiction readers. Every single character portrayed here have really great personalities, and ones you would love to be friends with. Caleb continues to hold the best book boyfriend of the year because he’s amazingly sweet, kind and well rounded. I want a Caleb in my life. Jane is also extremely generous when it comes to making Caleb happy. These two complete each other in so many ways.


The ending may make you weepy, especially the last chapter with a wonderful HEA for Jane and Caleb.


If you’re not reading Ryan Winfield, you really should.