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Yes, It's Fiction. But It Still Has Stalker/Abuse Elements.

Reblogged from TezMillerOz:

https://www.facebook.com/TheRacyHearts/posts/682374978507119: "Oh so true!"


That was how they presented this link: "Fifty Shades' Real Problem: Jamie Dornan Is Hotter Than Christian Grey"

For the record, "The Racy Hearts" is a Facebook account by Simon & Schuster Australia. They publish, amongst other things, works by Jamie McGuire.

Huh. Guess it's not surprise, then.


Ordinarily, I have a "live and let read" attitude, but I'm just so fed up with this shit. No, I haven't been stalked. No, I haven't been psychologically abused. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't speak out against books/films/whatnot claiming that abusive stuff is "romantic" or "hot". THIS IS NOT REAL D/s. THIS IS NOT REAL BDSM.

So I commented:

https://www.facebook.com/TheRacyHearts/posts/682374978507119?comment_id=682389785172305: "Actually, the REAL problems are the stalkery/abusive (psychologically, as well as dubious consent) elements of the story."


Other commenters ignored me (fair enough), but I did get one direct addressing:

https://www.facebook.com/debbie.krumpelmanvanmarter: https://www.facebook.com/TheRacyHearts/posts/682374978507119: "Tez, some of us realize this is fiction...."


Look, I like problematic shit - I read V. C. Andrews books, for heaven's sake. But at least I can admit that stuff I like is problematic, instead of pretending that it's NOT problematic, or that "it's just fiction".


But maybe none of this stuff is problematic, and I'M the problem.

After all, if a character is good-looking and rich, ANYTHING they do is hot. *headdesk*

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