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Review: The Best Kind of Trouble

The Best Kind of Trouble (Hqn) - Lauren Dane

The Best Kind of Trouble by Lauren Dane reads like a good old fashion romance, which makes me very nostalgic, but in a good way. Paddy and Natalie are thoughtful, mature people, who are surrounded by a great cast of characters. I loved their history together and how they both learned from their mistakes in order to become a great couple. Paddy, oh Paddy, you stole my heart with “your dirty talk during sex, romantic, I love to cook for my woman” hero. Paddy is one of my favorite heroes this year because he's so gosh darn adorable. He's also a famous singer but doesn't let his fame go to his head. He's very much a "aw, shucks" type of guy with incredible charm. Natalie is a librarian who loves her work and tries to distance herself from Paddy because of a hot fling they both had together years ago. Natalie was in her wild, rebellious stage (she cut all ties with her family, worked in a dive bar and got two tattoos in an interesting area on her body) then and gave into the temptation with Paddy, right before he made it big. She never thought she would see him again, but she’s in for a big surprise. She lives in the same town he grew up in and where his parents still reside. The moment Paddy sees Natalie again, he plans on courting and then claiming her, which she does fight against at first. But Paddy, the sweet talking gentleman breaks down her resolve.


The Best King of Trouble takes over a period of time, almost a year from the time Natalie and Paddy see each other, to the start of their relationship and then their status as a couple. Lauren excels best with the engaging dialogue from the characters and humdinger sex scenes that are very arousing and satisfying. I adored Paddy so much because he is such a good guy and very protective and sweet, especially when Natalie's drug addicted father comes around and won't leave her alone, including her grandmother who guilt trips Natalie into forgiving her father. Paddy is so far gone over Natalie that it's too cure for words. Paddy and his family are Natalie's biggest cheerleaders and bring her into their fold, no questions asked.


There's not much angst or heavy drama here, other than the issues with Natalie's family and if Paddy can stay committed and true to her when he's on the road. Also the ending feels abrupt and some loose ends left flapping in the wind. But I was very much invested in Paddy and Natalie's HEA.


Even with the high sensual factor and hot love scenes, The Best King of Trouble is very sweet and tender. Overall a very enjoyable read that makes you want to kick back and relax. Lauren Dane fans will eat The Best Kind of Trouble up.