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Review: Lead

Lead - Kylie Scott

Kylie's Stage Dive series has become an obsession of mine. She has a great skill at writing engaging characters and stories, as well as excellent dialogue and equal moments of tension and humor. Lead give Jimmy, the lead sing of Stage Dive his due and his relationship with his sober coach/ personal assistant Lena and their road to love. Lead first introduces Lena and how she started working for Jimmy who is trying to stay sober and drug free. His brother and band members don't trust Jimmy and feel he needs someone with him at all times, so Lena lives with him to watch over him so he doesn't end up drunk or high. Jimmy is closed off, brooding, impersonal and goes on the attack when he feels he's backed into a corner. Lena won't put up with his abrasiveness or his snappish remarks in order to keep her at arm's length. But within a few weeks of working for Jimmy, they develop a friendship of sorts.


Lena has been hurt by love in the past. Her ex-boyfriend dumped Lena for her sister, who is getting married to Lena's ex. Lena feels betrayed and angry by her sister and decides love isn't in the cards for her. But she ends up crushing on Jimmy badly, so much so she doesn't think she can continue to work for him. He figures out her feelings for him, but brushes it off. He thinks he can help her get over him by helping her date again, which is pretty hilarious, especially when he sets her up on a date with one of his last remaining single band mates. Lena doesn't want to date and will try and ignore her feelings for Jimmy that continues to grow everyday. Jimmy wants Lena to be happy, but he can't give her what she wants because he feels dead inside. His druggie mom is a big reason Jimmy is the way he is. But his attraction for Lena grows to the point he can't ignore it. He gives Lena an offer she can't refuse, which changes everything between them.


Lead was very entertaining, mainly because of the heroine Lena. The last two Stage Dive books spotlight the heroes (David and Mal) much more than their heroines. But in Lead, Lena takes over. She has a great personality and such wit and snark that I couldn't get enough of. Jimmy had his moments, but he didn't wow me as much as David and Mal did. He was too brooding and emotionally stunted because of his unfortunate past. He also didn't feel as tangible and dimensional as the rest of his band mates. I did enjoy the banter and dialogue Len and Jimmy have, although the build up of passion between them was as hot and smoldering as I wanted. There is one hot to trot love scene that takes place on a kitchen table in the kitchen but other than that, I felt the love making between Lena and Jimmy scaled down.


My favorite moments were when Lena and Jimmy hung out together or jogged because they were so relaxed and acted as very good friends. Lena was a very good influence on Jimmy, who becomes a better person because of her. The ending was very cute and something straight out or a romantic comedy film.


Kylie currently writes one of the best rock star romance series being published. if you're not reading the Stage Dive series, you really should.