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Review: One Kick

One Kick - Chelsea Cain

This has the makings of a great novel, and the first 50 pages grab you by the throat, but unfortunately the characters portrayed are very unlikable, especially Kick, the female protagonist and the "mysterious, sexy, will end up being Kick's love interest" Bishop, who ends up as a total cliche regarding his personality and characterization.

The subject matter is very heavy and uncomfortable and the mystery element is engaging but Kick, the heroines, leaves a lot to be desired. You should sympathize with her because of all the horrible things she has gone through, especially at such a young age by being kidnapped and surrounded by pedophiles. At 21, she acts like a survivor, and has incredible strength and gumption, but I just couldn't connect with her on any level. She has this lack of dimension and a grating attitude that is suppose to be this bad ass chick, but falls flat. Bishop is too stereotypical and like every sexy undercover warrior in an expensive suit we've seen time and again. He and Kick don't jive well together at all, which is the main source of tension between them. But even though Kick doesn't like Bishop, she doesn't have a problem having sex with him, which comes out of left field. There is no plausible explanation why she would want to be intimate with him. It felt uncomfortable and more of a shock, even though it was fade to black.

The investigation aspect has some great moments and there are many twists and turns you won't see coming, especially at the end. But even with the crime investigation element, I found a big lack of overall enjoyment, which has to do with Kick and Bishop who had nothing really amazing about them.

One Kick failed to deliver.