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Review: Love and Blarney

Love and Blarney (Ballybeg, Book 2) - Zara Keane

Zara Keane’s writing is so engaging, and it shows here in this short novella about a husband and wife reconnecting. Ruairí is an interesting name for a hero and really a sweetheart. He first was introduced in Love and Shenanigans, the first book. His American wife, Jayme travels all the way to Ireland to reclaim him after he walked away from her and their marriage. The reason why Ruairí turned his back on his marriage is explained quickly, and you really feel for the guy and his reasons why he left woman he loved. He made a lot of sacrifices, mainly for the good of his family. Jayme is like a fish out of water and has a refreshing personality. These two click right from the start.


The only downside to Love and Blarney is that it’s too short. I also would have loved flashbacks on how Ruairí and Jayme met, how they fell in love and their marriage. I think that would have been a nice touch and given the story more "meat".


Love and Blarney (Ballybeg series 1.5) is a very cute novella with some nice humorous moments and appealing dialogue.