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Review: A Hundred Pieces of Me

A Hundred Pieces of Me - Lucy Dillon

A Hundred Million Pieces by Lucy Dillon is very depressing. Gina, the female protagonist, has been through so much heartache in her life. She lost her one true love in a car accident she blames herself for. She was too tipsy from a party and he decided to drive. Her one true love ends up paralyzed, and turns his back on her even after all his talk of love and having this great connection with her. His mother blocks all attempts Gina makes to get in touch with him. A few years later she meets her husband, who ends up cheating on Gina and getting his girlfriend pregnant. Gina's husband promised to stand by her forever, even after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Now Gina has to restart her life and get rid of all the clutter she has collected over the years. She has to move on, even though she is haunted by the past, her cancer that’s in remission, but could flare up again, as well as continue working. She also adopts a strange looking and scared dog in a very interesting way, but he brings her more happiness then she could have ever imagined. Also Gina might find love again with a client (photographer) as she remodels a house. But her client is married to a woman who is always traveling.

We see Gina through many flashbacks as she comes to terms with her unknown future. The ending isn't uplifting. It leaves more questions than answers and felt empty and "canned" because in the end Gina really doesn't win, although she is much stronger and more positive than before. The ending is left to the reader's interpretation, whether Gina will live a healthy life and find love again. If you’re looking for a happy go lucky, all’s well that ends well HEA, look elsewhere.

A Hundred Million Pieces gets a “C” grade from me because of the horrible things Gina goes through for no reason and the end that left me disappointed. If you're against love and marriage, this book is for you because it shows the downside to both.