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Review: Elevator Girl

Elevator Girl - Kim Hruba

DNFed almost halfway through. I thought the concept was interesting since the blurb made me believe Lisa and Jake were enemies in high school or Lisa was the victim of Jake's taunts. The blurb is deceiving. Jake has no idea who Lisa is or was in high school. Lisa had big jealousy issues because Jake was the most popular guy at school. She's bitter for no reason. Jake has no idea she existed.

When they meets years later, and Jake becomes smitten with Lisa after noticing her in the elevator and working alongside her, Lisa never tells him they went to high school. Why? No clue. It was beyond silly why Lisa was so stuck on Jake and why she wouldn't tell him about their high school years. Also the story dragged on, stretching out their tiresome ridiculous courtship.

Jake was a sweetheart though, but Lisa came across as sad and pitiful.

Big pass on this one.