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Review: Rock Addiction

Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss) (Volume 1) - Nalini Singh

Rock Addiction is the first book in the Rock Kiss series from Nalini Singh. Rock Addiction is very different from Nalini’s paranormal romance series, and should excite and thrill her fans. Also if you’re on a rock star romance kick or enjoy Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series, you’ll like Rock Addiction.


The first few chapters of Rock Addiction are jarring. Insta-lust is in full force here. There really isn’t any build-up of attraction between Molly, the shy, at times socially awkward librarian, and the hunky, larger than life rock star god, Zachary Fox who everyone calls him by his last name Fox, even Molly. Fox has that sex appeal women drool over, including Molly, who prefers to live in the shadows and lust from afar. When Molly was a teenager, her father was involved in a shocking scandal that tore Molly’s world apart. Years later, her father’s horrible actions still rule over her. Molly’s sister, Thea has moved on and is more self-assured in all walks of life. Fox and his band mates are Thea’s clients. She invites Molly to a party, and Molly sees Fox. He notices her and the chase is on between the two. There really isn’t much of a chase because when Fox convinces her to what she thinks will be a one night stand, she accepts.


Fox and Molly steam up the sheets and more. What Molly doesn’t know is that Fox is more than smitten with Molly and he wants a monogamous relationship with her. Molly isn’t comfortable being in the spotlight because of the horrible press and tabloids with her father. He then offers her a month together, engaging in their passions until it dies out (or that what he tells Molly in order to convince her he wants forever with her). Molly accepts, enjoying her one month with the rock star god of her dreams and planning to keep those memories of Fox with her forever.


Rock Addiction is a sex fest. Fox and Molly are all over one another in almost every chapter that I got whiplash. But Nalini can sure write some smoking hot love scenes. I just wished there was more of an emphasis on Fox and Molly communicating in other ways than just succumbing to their passion for one another every few minutes. But Fox is an excellent giver, generous, a little possessive, but not in the way that is too disturbing. Molly actually gains a backbone thanks to Fox. She blossoms with him.


Fox has a very overpowering personality. Right from the start the reader knows Molly will fall for his charms and sexual prowess, which isn’t that surprising, especially if you’re read Nalini’s paranormal romance series and her heroes who claim their heroines much of the same way.


I really was interested in Molly’s seemingly shy and scarred (it’s eluded she had some sort of emotional trauma in college) friend Charlotte, who is dealing with a stickler of a powerful rich and handsome boss she nicknames T-Rex. We get a small taste of what is to come with Charlotte and her boss (I bet it will be sexy juicy).


Talk about one sexually charged book! Rock Addiction will feed the appetite of rock star romance fans, but may find the abundance of sex scenes a bit too much. At times I felt Molly and Fox only connected because of the sex, even though Fox is really a great hero who sees all of Molly’s needs, and not just the ones where she’s screaming his name in pleasure.  I did enjoy Rock Addiction even with the too much too count sex that grew a little tedious toward the end. But the way Fox was so dedicated to Molly, and loved her and needed her like the air he breathed was exactly what I want when it comes to romance.