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Review: The Hook Up

The Hook Up - Kristen Callihan

I was very disappointed in this New Adult college age romance mainly because the heroine is rude and overall horrible for no reason. Also the non-stop, almost erotic type sex that appears page after page was tiresome and reads more like an adult Contemporary Romance than a New Adult. Anna has some big emotional issues that feel very false. She needs a major attitude adjustment. Right from chapter one I found her annoying and kept rolling my eyes. As for Drew, the football player who annoys her, but she uses for sex, he's more well rounded and dimensional. Drew is a sweetie and not an alpha, douche, I have a chip on my shoulder stereotypical character found in current New Adults. Drew deserves so much better than Anna, although their first encounter (where he falls heads first in love with her for no reason- ala insta-love) gave me a good chuckle. He's tongue tied and by accident calls Anna, "Big Red". Anna lits into Drew big time, which becomes the norm throughout the story.

Drew has an obsession with Anna's breasts. Most of the time he is sucking them like they're his favorite candy. Also Anna refuses to kiss Drew, or have him kiss her on her mouth, but is perfectly fine if he kisses her everywhere else, and she to him, meaning oral sex and everything in between. Anna makes no sense in this case because kissing on a mouth is too intimate but having a guy's face in between your legs and you kissing his mini tool of pleasure isn't? Other then these two have some insane physical attraction, I just couldn't get behind their romance. Anna's portrayal was such a big downside that I was hoping Drew would find a much kinder and better woman for him. Anna didn't deserve him.

Too much sex and very little plot, with a horrible heroine who has a big chip on her shoulder makes The Hook Up a fail.

Pass on this one.