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Review: The Good Girl

The Good Girl - Mary Kubica

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica is about a kidnapping. The tale mainly highlights Mia, the young woman who was kidnapped and found after three months in a cabin in the woods with her kidnapper, who was shot and killed by police. Mia has selective amnesia, preferring to be called Chloe for no reason. The aftermath of her abduction has not only changed her life, but her dedicated mother Eve’s, as well. The story begins in the “before”, which is before the kidnapping and then in the “after”, which is the present. The back and forth between both the before and after is from the POVs of three specific people- Eve, Gabe, the detective on the case, and the kidnapper, Colin.


Eve is the one character you sympathize with the most. She’s a loving mother whose her heart breaks for Mia, her youngest daughter. Her eldest daughter and husband are  unsympathetic to what has happened to Mia, almost blaming Mia for her abduction because she was a rebellious teen. Eve wants answers and turns to Gabe to find them. Gabe is like any detective who is dedicated to the case he’s given. He forms a friendship with Eve, trying his best to find Mia and her kidnapper. Colin is not a true villain or even that bad of a guy. We see through his eyes in the “before” why he was hired to kidnap Mia, why he takes her to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and why he ends up keeping her and not letting her go.


Mia is shown through others’ eyes, such as Colin and Eve. We only find out who Mia truly is at the very end, and that is up for discussion. It’s left for the reader to decide the reasons for Mia’s kidnapping and the aftermath because there is a big twist regarding Mia’s capture.


I figured out one major twist very early on. The other was unexpected. I give the author major kudos for keeping the mystery and almost suspense like atmosphere regarding Mia and what has happened to her going until the very end. The Good Girl has been compared to Gone Girl. I can see why because the readers will end up having a lively discussion on the characters’ motivations and the somewhat shocking twist ending.


The Good Girl is a solid read and should appeal to fans of mystery and suspense.